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Attack 25 Halloween



BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Combination between an old game and Mel Bush


GRAMMAR: Demonstrative Pronoun (this/that)

EXAMPLE: What is this?

DATE ADDED: June 16, 2009


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: This is a fun hands-on activity for students to practice using: "What's this?" and "This is ~." This game works great as a Halloween lesson.



  • A box with an opening where students put their hand in to feel the objects and another opening for teachers to put the objects in without revealing the objects to students.
  • Objects - for Halloween, try tomato sauce for blood, flour + water for brain, cherry tomatoes for eyeballs, strings/yarns for ghost's hair, and wet sponge for an organ.
  • Masks - for the students to wear so they aren't tempted to cheat and look in the box.
  • Flashcards - some blurry pictures would be good, Halloween-related or not-related flashcards



  1. After dividing students into groups, introduce Halloween and don't forget the scary stories to set up the atmosphere for the game.
  2. Prepare a list of categories + questions (some could be "touch the object in the box", guess what the blurry pictures are, name an object in the classroom, etc.). Check out Englipedia's Don't Go Attack for the rules to Attack 25.
  3. If "touch the object" is chosen, have a student from the group come to the front of the class, put on a mask and put his/her hand into the box. The student will touch the object and everyone in the classroom will ask, "What's is that/it?" The student will answer, "This is a ~." and if it is correct, the team receives a point. If not, allow another student from the another team to repeat the process until a team correctly guesses the item in the box.
  4. If "guess the picture" is chosen, show the class a blurry picture and have everyone asks, "What is that/it?" and the team who chooses the question will have first chance to answer the question before other teams get a chance to steal the point.
  5. If "name the object" is chosen, point to something in the classroom and ask, "What is that/it?" and the first team to correctly answer, "That/It is a ~." receives a point.
  6. Like most games, the group with the most points at the end wins.



  • This could be a warmup activity where the teachers bluff and tell the students that the things inside the box are real blood, brain, ghost's hair, eyeballs, etc. Then, have students volunteer to touch the objects and everyone asks, "What is that/it?"



  • Use flashcards and objects that are easy for students to guess. Flashcards could be Halloween related but review the vocabulary with the students before the game.
  • View More pictures of this game.



  • Some students might freak out and try to yank their hand out of the box when they touch something slimy so have the JTE hold onto the students' hand while they are touching the object.




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