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BB Fun


SUBMITTED BYRichard Benoit

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Probably another Englipedia lesson


GRAMMAR: Months of the Year

EXAMPLE: When is your birthday? My birthday is June 25th.

DATE ADDED: Aug 30, 2010


50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: BB stands for Birthday Bingo. Students learn the basics for months and days in English. 





There are three parts to this activity:

      1. Students keep their pens on their desks and hands on their heads.
      2. The ALT shows the students one of the flashcards for a few seconds, depending on how long the word is, then puts the flashcard on the blackboard facedown.
      3. When the ALT says "GO!", the students pick up their pens and try to write what they remembered, for example, "March" or "twenty-first".
      4. After an X number of flashcards have been shown, check the answers as a class.
      5. This can be made into a team competition activity
  2. BINGO
      1. Students choose numbers between 'first and thirty-first' and spell out the word on the bingo sheet.
      2. The ALT pulls random flashcards and has the students chant the language presented on said flashcard.
      3. Then, students mark their bingo sheet
      1. Before the interview, students write their own birthdays in the blanks provided.
      2. Students get up and interview each other in an attempt to fill the entire bingo sheet. For example:
        1. A: When is your birthday?
        2. B: My birthday is June 25th.
        3. A: Thank you. Please sign here.



  • This activity is an introduction-type lesson for dates so the focus is on the first ten or so numbers. The other dates are written there to help with the birthday bingo, so the ALT might want to pre-teach all the numbers up to 'thirty-first', anyway they see fit, to help the Bingo activity go smoother.

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