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Back to the Future


SUBMITTED BY: Richard Fleming

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: The blank expressions on my students' faces


GRAMMAR: Verb - Future Tense

EXAMPLE: I will go to the movies

DATE ADDED: June 19, 2008


15-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Let's students review simple past tense whilst introducing simple future tense.





  1. Introduce the activity by writing the words "Past" (left side) and "Future" (right side) on the board.
  2. Show students the example on the board. Writing each tense in different coloured chalk can help. Ask them to recite the example and ask if they can translate it into Japanese.
  3. Work through the rest of the questions using the same method. Ask students if they can change the past tense sentences into future tense.
  4. After each question ask the students to repeat the previous example to reinforce the pattern.
  5. After finishing the questions, ask students to make their own sentences answering the questions "what did you do yesterday?" and "what will you do tomorrow?"



  • You can change from "I will" to "I'm going to".



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