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SUBMITTED BY: Luke Highstead

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Lida Nyugen & Colin Macleod

EDITED BY: Fiona Steele

GRAMMAR: Demonstrative Pronouns

EXAMPLE:  Is that a car? Yes, it is.

DATE ADDED: Sep 03, 2007


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Parts of pictures are shown to students who must form questions to guess the complete pictures.





  1. Demonstrate the grammar point using objects in the classroom.
  2. Practice the flashcard vocabulary, to ensure that students know the English word for car, bike, bus, lion etc. Students repeat after the ALT. Write the words on the board.
  3. Have the students form groups of 4-5.
  4. One student from each team stands up. Show the students part of a flashcard. Using the sentence pattern on the chalkboard, students ask: “Is that a ~ ?” The ALT replies: “Yes, it is” or “No, it isn’t”. The first student to correctly guess what's on the flashcard scores a point for their team.
  5. When a student guesses correctly, the students sit down and another member of each group stands up before the next flashcard is shown.
  6. Continue until all the flashcards have been shown or you run short on time.



  • Print the pictures in black and white. Colour copies can make the exercise too easy for the students to figure out.




If you have an updated worksheet, email it to the site: admin (at) epedia (dot) onmicrosoft (dot) com


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