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But Not Okinawa


SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford



GRAMMAR: 'Where' Questions

EXAMPLE: Where is Nagano? It's to the left of Gunma.

DATE ADDED: Apr 30, 2010


15-25 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students test their knowledge of Japan's prefectures, minus Okinawa, and then practice asking about the location of the prefectures they don't know.





  1. Before starting this activity, introduce and write on the chalkboard the new phrases the students will need to know in order to complete their map:
  2. "It's above/below...",  "It's to the left/right of..."
  3. Hand out the blank map of Japan to every student and have them fill out the map by writing the prefectures' numbers in the correct places on the map. Tell them to write all the prefectures they know and not to guess about the ones they don't know. Chances are they will most likely be able to fill out most of the map, hopefully. NOTE: The students are not allowed to look at their friends' maps to find locations.
  4. Then, to complete their maps, they must raise their hand and ask one of the teachers where a prefecture they are missing is located: "Where is Aomori?" The teachers take turns explaining where the various prefectures are located: "It is above Akita."



  • Instead of using the new phrases explained above, you could introduce north/south/east/west: "It is located north of Akita."



  • Things are not always located by, under or on things. Sometimes more specific instructions are needed: "Your book is on the shelf, below your shoes." This activity especially helps students when trying to explain a location on a map.
  • While this activity doesn't practice the specific vocabulary located in the textbook, I think it does provide invaluable practice not only to help the students explain things more specific to their location.
  • This activity also provides practice to help the students become more accustomed to where their prefectures are located.


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