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Buying & Selling





GRAMMAR: Numbers

EXAMPLE: What's your credit card number?

DATE ADDED: June 25, 2010


20-30 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Game involving every student, reviews numbers 10-100.





  1. Warmup: Explain what an answering machine is. Students listen to the ALT read out the answering machine message, and circle the correct business card.
  2. Explain that the students are now going to 'buy and sell'. Demonstrate "buy" and "sell" with the JTE -- having a bit of cash in your pocket will help. Now tell the students that they will be using credit cards, and they will be buying/selling: oranges, a Nintendo DS, a Lexus etc.
  3. Demonstrate the buyer's/seller's dialog with the JTE, and rehearse with the class.
  4. Form groups of about six students. Each group gets six product cards (e.g. six Nintendo DS cards), and one credit card.
  5. When the activity begins, one student from each group grabs their group's credit card and sets off to find one of the products their team is looking for. The dialogue might go something like this:
    • BUYER: One Lexus, please.
    • SELLER: It is 100 dollars. Cash or credit card?
    • BUYER: Credit card, please.
    • SELLER: What's your credit card number?
    • BUYER: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (Seller writes the number down)
    • SELLER: Here you are. (handing item to buyer)
    • BUYER: Thank you.
  6. Explain that each student must have a turn buying one product from the shopping list using the credit card, the first team to collect all six products wins.



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