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Go: JHS GrammarCall a Celebrity

SUBMITTED BY: Stephanie Hufford

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: "Phone Number" from


GRAMMAR: Numbers

EXAMPLE: "Is your number (000) 000-000?"

DATE ADDED: May 16, 2013

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


10 min.

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OUTLINE: Students choose a celebrity then try to guess who their partner chose by asking them their phone numbers.





  1.  Each student chooses a celebrity to be and marks it on their sheet.
  2. Students walk around, find someone, and janken for who will go first. Both students will ask each other questions before moving on to someone else.
  3. Students don't technically know much grammar yet, so we had them go around asking, "(090) 446-3328?" as the question, and their partner would answer with yes or no. When Student A's partner says "yes," then Student A asks, "Are you (celebrity name)?" Then Student B says "yes" to confirm.
  4. Students have three chances to guess their partner's character by guessing the correct number. They get three points for being right on the first guess, two points for second guess, and one point for third guess.
  5. The first student says "sign here, please," and their partner signs their name at the bottom after each exchange. Then the second student asks the first student phone numbers.
  6. The students with the most points at the end win.


  • More advanced students can ask, "Is your number (000) 000-0000?"

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