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Call Me Taku


SUBMITTED BY: Sara Williams



GRAMMAR:  Object complement (S+V+O+C)

EXAMPLE: My friends call me Taku.

DATE ADDED: July 2, 2009


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students play Janken and introduce themselves to their classmates.





  1. Give each student 3-5 of the cards and ask them to read through the three sentences.
  2. Check to make sure students understand the meaning of each sentence and have them fill out their own answers.
  3. For the third sentence, give students some examples: Eating chocolate makes me happy; playing soccer makes me happy; my boyfriend makes me happy etc.
  4. The ALT/JTE demonstrates how to play:
    • Find a partner.
    • Each person says their introduction, and they finish by shaking hands and saying, "Nice to meet you."
    • Students then janken. I have my students janken in English. The loser gives a card to the winner.
    • Find a new partner and repeat!
    • The winner is the student with the most cards.



  • To make this into a longer activity, give out more cards at the beginning of the game, or add in other emotions such as sad, angry, nervous etc.
  • For higher level classes, have the students write completely different sentence for each card.



  • Run through the pronunciation with the class at least once before they play.
  • If you have difficulties getting boys and girls to mix, award bonus points for talking to the opposite sex.
  • Once students have used up their own cards, they can introduce themselves using cards they have won from other students.


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