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Chaotic Interviewing


SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: My extirpated alcoholic brain cells

EDITED BYFiona Steele

GRAMMAR: Helping Verb: do/does

EXAMPLEDoes she like kabuki? Yes, she does.

DATE ADDED: Oct 30, 2007


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE:  Students take turns being reporters and writers in this fast-paced and deliciously confusing interview game. 





  1. Before the activity begins, tape the cards around the classroom. Tape them far enough away from the desks where the students can’t read them, otherwise, it defeats the purpose of the 'interviewers' having to walk over to the cards to read them.
  2. Students split into groups of four and decide which student will be the first reporter. The 'reporter' takes a seat at the desk while the 3 'interviewees' gather around the desk.
  3. Hand out a worksheet to each group. These worksheets must stay on the group's desk for the duration of the activity.
  4. The object of this activity is for each group to complete their worksheet. In doing so, the reporter may ask ONLY three questions, one to each interviewee. Following this, they must change roles and become and interviewee themselves.
  5. Once the reporter has asked each interviewee a question and written down all three answers, they become an interviewee and the next person in the group becomes the reporter.
  6. Once they have all the answers, the group sits down, flips over the worksheet and fills out the 'Fill in the Blank' section together.



  • Walk around the class to check the students aren’t speaking in Japanese.


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