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Character Riddles


SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Niigata's English Connection (1993)


GRAMMAR:  Comparative

EXAMPLE:  I am prettier than Mary.

DATE ADDED: April 30, 2010


20-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students practice reading comparative sentences of four people to figure out which person is the prettiest, oldest, tallest and fastest. 





  1. After handing out a worksheet to each student, have them read over the passages and write the names of the people based the order they belong. NOTE: the boy/girl icons on the worksheet are clues to the order they go.
    • Riddle one - prettiest: Judy, Helen, May, Rose
    • Riddle two - youngest: Helen, June, Tom, Bob
    • Riddle three - tallest: Helen, Bob, Tom, June
    • Riddle four - oldest: Mike, May, John, Rose
    • Riddle five fastest: Carl, Ben, Jane, Mary



  • Instead of making this simply a reading exercise, you can split the class into groups of four, where each person in the group becomes one of the characters. In a group, they must figure out and stand in the correct order. The first group to do so then introduces themselves to the class as that character.



  • This activity is very effective and can be easy or as difficult as you wish.
  • You could also change the riddles to include Superlatives (est).





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