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Class Survey


SUBMITTED BY: Raymond Corrigan



GRAMMAR: Infinitive Verb

EXAMPLE: I use a computer to play games.

DATE ADDED: June 24, 2010


20-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students survey each other about the reasons they do things using "Do you..? Why?" and "I ... to ...". At the end they make a pie chart from the answers.





  1. Have the following conversation with your JTE and ask students to translate:
    • ALT: Do you study English?
    • JTE: Yes.
    • ALT: Why?
    • JTE: I study English to travel around the world.
    • ALT: Do you watch TV?
    • JTE: Yes.
    • ALT: Why?
    • JTE: I watch TV to watch famous people. Do you go to the supermarket?
    • ALT: Yes.
    • JTE: Why?
    • ALT: I go to the supermarket to buy things.
  2. Hand out one card from the worksheet to each student. Students will survey others about the topic on their card.
  3. Students stand up, find a partner and have the following conversation:
    • Student A: Do you..? (referencing their own card).
    • Student B: Yes. (If "no", the conversation stops and they switch roles.)
    • Student A: Why?
    • Student B: I _____ to ______. (B answers one of the four answers from Student A`s card)
  4. Student A makes a checkmark in the box with the answer and then the pair reverses roles. Once complete, they find a new partner.
  5. The activity continues until they have 24 answers tallied on their card.
  6. When students have 24 tally marks they return to their seats. They colour in each of the four answer boxes with four different colours of their choosing. Then, they colour in the pie chart using the same colours (1-pie slice per tally mark).



  • For a shorter game have the students survey 12 people and have each tally mark worth 2-pie slices on the pie chart.
  • Use "Why do you _____?" instead of "Do you _____? Why?"



  • This activity is best done after they have some familiarity with the grammar point.
  • At the end of the activity draw a pie chart on the blackboard and choose one student with each type of card to come to the front. Each of the six students then takes turns explaining their results.
    • ALT: Why do you study English?
    • Student: Ten students study English to travel around the world. Six students study English to pass JHS. Five students study English to make friends around the world. Three students study English to have fun.



  • Let lower level classes get away with just answering "to___", but make sure higher-level classes answer, "I ___ to ___."
  • Make sure students don`t just point to the answer.

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