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Comparative Betting



BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: 2 different websites, but I don't remember


GRAMMAR: Comparative/Superlative: er / est / the most / as high as

EXAMPLE: A pig is faster than a chicken.

DATE ADDED: Mar 13, 2008


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: This game goes with the ComparingDisney game's worksheet for a complete lesson on comparatives. It's a fun betting game that will get your kids super-excited.



  • 1 blank sheet of paper for each group with their number on it
  • List of questions (not included)
  • Play money: US Dollars / Bubble Boy / Yen



  1. I wanted to add a game that could go with it. I took the game and the questions from different places but I don't remember where. Anyway, this game is a betting game! The kids love it and it's very adaptable.
  2. First, have them make groups (lunch groups are the easiest) and hand out a blank piece of paper and have them write their group name or number on it.
  3. Give the students about $120-$150 or 12,000-15,000 yen.
  4. Start the game by asking a question. Here are some fun comparative questions:
    • 1. Which is bigger, Tokyo or Washington? A: Tokyo 2186km2 Washington 156km2
    • 2. Which is bigger, Mt. Fuji or K2? A: Fuji 3776m K2 8613 m.
    • 3. Which is taller, Landmark Tower or the Eiffel Tower? A: Landmark Tower 296m. Eiffel Tower 300 m.
    • 4. Which is smaller, Shikoku or Hawaii? A: Shikoku 18045 km2 Hawaii 16443 km2
    • 5. Which is older, Heike Monogatari or Tsurezuregusa? A: Heiki Monogatari 1283 Tsurezuregusa 1331
    • 6. Which is older, Tanabata or Christmas? A: Tanabata 710 Christmas 3BC
    • 7. Who is younger, Basho or Newton? A: Basho 1644 Newton 1642
    • 8. Which is newer, the car or the motorcycle? A: Car 1889 Motorcycle 1885
    • 9. Which is faster, a human or an elephant? A: Human 44.6km/h elephant 40km
    • 10. Which is faster, a pig or a chicken? A: pig 17.6kph chicken 14.4kpg
    • Students must write the answer on the paper in a grammatically correct sentence. They have 1-2 minutes to write it and bring the paper to the ALT/JTE.
    • Here's the fun part-- they have to make a bet on their answer. I usually start with a maximum of $50. If the sentence is completely correct, they get whatever money they bet back. If it's wrong then you take their money! If they are missing a period or spelled something wrong then I take $10-$20 off for each error.
    • When it gets closer to the end of class I start putting the betting limits higher. They really go nuts for this game!



  • Instead of writing the answer down, the students could stand up and say the answer out loud for speaking practice.
  • Another adaption is to write a "bad sentence" on the board-- a sentence that has spelling and grammar errors galore. For example, "Canda is biger then englund". The students must correct the sentence by writing a correct sentence on their paper. With this activity, it's all-or-nothing--- if the students have ONE THING wrong then take their money! Use the latest grammar points for a fun test review.



  • Make sure everyone is helping out, not just the smart kids

If you have an updated worksheet, email it to the site: admin (at) epedia (dot) onmicrosoft (dot) com


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