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Concert Tickets


SUBMITTED BY:Raymond Corrigan



GRAMMAR: NH's Speaking Plus 1 - book 3

EXAMPLE: Would you like to come with me?

DATE ADDED: April 16, 2010


20-40 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students try to get tickets to see their favourite bands.





  1. Write the names of the eight bands on the blackboard: Green Day, Elvis, Arashi, Greeeen, Exile, SMAP, Mr. Children and The Beatles.
  2. Tell students to choose and secretly write down their first, second and third favourite bands from this list.
  3. Divide the class into two halves: A and B. Give concert tickets to A (1 ticket each). These tickets are secret and they cannot let B members see their details.
  4. Tell B their goal is to find tickets with one of their favourite bands. It is better to get your first favourite band.
  5. All students stand up, walk around and find a partner from the opposite group.
  6. In the following example, A has Beatles tickets for Saturday at 3:00 in the park.
    • A: "I have two tickets for The Beatles concert next Saturday. Would you like to come with me?"
    • To say "NO" to the tickets:
    • B: "I`d love to, but I can`t." (Or another rejection from the toolbox on page 29.)
    • A: "Ok, see you."
    • B: "See you."
    • To say "YES" to the tickets:
    • B: "I`d love to! Where shall we meet?"
    • A: "Let`s meet in front of the PARK at 3:00. Is that OK?"
    • B:" At 3:00? That`s perfect." (Students sit down together.)
  7. After most students are matched have all students sit down. Ask students who found their first favourite band to stand up for applause. Then second favourite, then third.
  8. Have A stand up and give you their tickets. Shuffle them.
  9. Have B stand up, give them the tickets.



  • Multi-collect Variation: To mix the game up a bit or make it last longer try this variation. Give A five cards. Tell B their goal is to collect as many tickets as possible from their top three bands. When B finds one of their top three bands they have the same converstion as before. Instead of sitting down they receive the tickets from A and continue playing. Give applause to the students who collected the most tickets for their top three bands.



  • Before starting the activity, practice the Speaking Plus 1 dialogue in New Horizon 3, page 28.

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