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EXAMPLE: Whats wrong? I have hay fever.

DATE ADDED: Feb 05, 2015

Large Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


10-20 min.

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OUTLINE: A janken (rock-paper-scissors) game. Students practice answering the question 'What's wrong?' whilst spreading illnesses.



  • Just need some students.



  1. Review or teach students the following illnesses.
    • I have a fever.
    • I have a cold.
    • I have hay fever.
    • I have a headache.
    • I have a toothache.
    • My eye is itchy.
    • I cut my finger.
    • My stomach hurts./I have a stomachache.
    • I have a sore throat.
    • My leg hurts.
    • My nose is running.
    • I have a (bad) cough.
  2. Split the class into groups. (I`d go for three big groups the first time.) Give each group one of the illnesses. Example: Team 1 has hay fever, team 2 has a headache, team 3 has a fever.
  3. Put yourself and your JTE into groups for the sake of demonstration.
  4. They walk around asking "What`s wrong?" and telling each other their illness. Then they rock, scissors, paper and the loser takes on the winners' illness instead.
  5. After a few minutes/how ever long you feel is right, tell them time is up.
  6. Ask them to put their hands up for each illness. The group that "contaminated" the most people is the winner. Example: If team 1 had hay fever, and hay fever is the most prevelent in the class, then the round would go to team 1. 



  • Use "How are you?" instead of "What's wrong?"
  • Use other illness or ailments you or your JTE want to use.



  • This activity goes with TOTAL ENGLISH 2 Talking Scene 2-8 page 112.



  • HERE

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