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Cooking Hello Kitty


SUBMITTED BY: Victoria Young

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Pictionary and a relay race


GRAMMAR: Present Continuous Verb

EXAMPLE: Anpanman is playing basketball.

DATE ADDED: Apr 18, 2011


20 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students work in teams to read a crazy part-sentence, draw it and report back to the ALT/JTE.



  • Cards that contain Present Continuous Verbs and something after the verb. You will have to make your own cards. You will need two sets of cards (ALT/JTE).



  1. After the class forms groups, one student from each group comes to either the JTE or ALT for the first 'part' of a sentence: "cooking Hello Kitty." They have to read it, understand it and then return to their group to draw it.
  2. Once the group has worked out what it is, the next student in their group comes and says what it is to the JTE or ALT. The students can make up the other part of the sentence. As with the above example, students could say, "I am cooking Hello Kitty," or "I like cooking Hello Kitty," or even "I'm not sure I agree with cooking Hello Kitty." The point is to accurately report the 'cooking Hello Kitty' action.
  3. If incorrect, the student gets sent back for the group to try again. If they get it right, they are shown the next card and the process repeats itself.
  4. The game continues until one group has finished all the sentences.



  • HERE



  • You can use as many sentences as you like. Usually most classes want another round of the game.
  • Make sure each student has a go at drawing/reporting.
  • I like using fun sentences to make for a drawing challenge.




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