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Crazy Bus


SUBMITTED BY: Richard Benoit



GRAMMAR: New Horizon's Speaking Plus 3 (grade 3)

EXAMPLE:  Excuse me? Which bus goes to...?

DATE ADDED: March 10, 2010


50 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Based on New Horizon's Speaking Plus 2 (grade1), students create their own dialogue using the Crazy Bus map and worksheet.



  • CrazyBus attachments: The attachment includes a worksheet and map. As for the map, print 3-4 copies, at least A3 size. Stick some paper (like post-it notes) over the boxes of information that are below each picture. You basically want to cover the time it takes to get to every place and the name of the place. Attach the maps to the walls of the classroom.
  • New Horizon's grade 1 textbook



  1. After going over the textbook version of the dialogue, give each student a worksheet. Have them fill-out Part 1. For lower-level classes, you can allow students to check the textbook for answers.
  2. For Part 2, the ALT/JTE read the dialogue and the students fill-in the blanks.
  3. Skip Part 3, and go straight to Part 4, the "Crazy Bus Relay Race!"
  4. Students make pairs and decide who is A and B. They take turns asking each other the questions from their worksheets. The answers to the questions are located under the post-its on the maps. The student responsible for answering must run to a map, look under the post-it, memorise the answer and report it back to their partner. Then, they change places and repeat until their worksheet is complete. NOTE: You could turn Part 4 into a competition, fastest pair wins, or have the pairs work at their own pace. It really depends on the environment of your class.
  5. Part 1, 2 and 4 will probably take the entire class period. It's up to the ALT/JTE whether they want to assign Part 3 for homework, save it for the next class, etc. For Part 3, students create their own original dialogue.



  • When you see the bus routes on the map you will understand why it's called "crazy".
  • Feel free to take this idea and make it crazier!
  • Can also be used with NH grade 1 speaking plus 2 on page 90.



  • Be careful students don't steal the post-it notes from the maps. Taped paper sticks much better.
  • Make sure the student answering the question doesn't carry his/her worksheet to the map and copy the information. They must memorise it!

If you have an updated worksheet, email it to the site: admin (at) epedia (dot) onmicrosoft (dot) com


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