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Crazy Diary Entry


SUBMITTED BY: Josh Morrison



GRAMMAR:  NH's Write+ 1 (book 2)

EXAMPLE:  I cleaned my room in the morning.

DATE ADDED: Jun 24, 2011


30-40 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: A writing activity that let's students make a crazy diary entry. Student then read their diary entry to the class for lots of fun.





  1. After passing out the first page of the attachment, go through each of the blanks slowly. I gave each blank about 30 seconds to a minute after I explained what a verb/noun/etc was. Tell the students to use the craziest words they know so, for example, for a sport: bungee jumping or for a noun: moon.
  2. Then, hand out the second sheet and tell the students to fill-in-the-blanks with the words that they chose.
  3. After everyone has had a chance to fill in the blanks and quickly read over their story, get some people to read their diary to the class. Have the JTE help explain what they said if your classes are low level so that the students can enjoy (and make fun of) each other.
  4. Once there are no more volunteers pass out the final writing activity sheet and have them answer the questions.



  • Sometimes it's very hard for the students to understand what a noun or adjective is. If this the case with your class and if you're school is using the New Horizon series, there are examples for each on p.110 and 112.
  • Many students might be embarrassed to read their diary because it is a bit long. I have sometimes had a reading practice before they filled in the blanks and that seemed to help.


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