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Crossword Challenge


SUBMITTED BY Raymond Corrigan

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY:  Jesse Noble's Review Crossword &


GRAMMAR: Review Activity (grade 1-3)


DATE ADDED: May 31, 2010


30-40 min.
per crossword
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Three crossword puzzles per semester, covering almost all the vocabulary from the New Horizon textbooks. Students must translate and fill in the blanks to finish.




  1. After handing out one of the crosswords (verbs, nouns, etc.), have the sudents:
    • A.) Translate from English to Japanese
    • B.) Translate from Japanese to English.
    • C.) Fill-in-the-blanks.
  2. Use your own judgement to decide if and when to allow textbooks (e.g. 5-10 minutes in). Aim to have students recall as much as they can but keep in mind that it is better for them to look up a comletely forgotten word than waste five minutes stressing about it.
  3. Repeat from Step 1 with another crossword worksheet.



  • For vocabulary from the Sunshine textbook, see Jesse Noble`s Review Crossword (designed for the Sunshine series).



  • I have been selective in the words I excluded. I have excluded most words which are almost the same in Japanese as they are in English. I have also excluded some words which most students already know from elementary school (Japan, weather, time etc...)
  • For lower-level classes:
    • Allow students to use textbooks earlier.
    • Allow students to work in pairs.
    • Fill in a few letters in the crossword before class.
    • Tell students the page number where they can find fill-in-the-blank sentence structures. NOTE: Pages are listed in the answer key.


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