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Describe Them


SUBMITTED BY: Huw Matthews



GRAMMAR: Review: Grade 2 & 3  


DATE ADDED: Mar 11, 2008


35-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students are given a celebrity card and have to describe the person using 5 sentences.





  1. This is an extremely straight forward activity and takes little preparation.
  2. Hand out a celebrity card to each student and explain that they have to describe the celebrity using at least 5 sentences.
  3. Walk around the class checking what the students are writing. Or you could have the students stand and read their descriptions to the class.



  • For lower-level or shy classes you could place them in groups.
  • Ideally the students should describe the personality of the celebrity and express their opinions about the person. However, some students may not know the celebrity or may not feel confident enough to express their thoughts. If this is the case they should still be able to describe their physical appearance, occupation and nationality as these details are all indicated on the card.



  • I have included some Japanese celebrities but have purposefully included many foreign celebrities the students may not know in an aim to further cultural awareness.



  • Some students may want to choose which celebrity they get from your pack of cards. Whether you allow them to do this or not is of course up to you.
  • Some of the students (usually boys) may like to describe the attractive female celebrities with slightly rude language. You have been warned!

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