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Did You Janken Bingo


SUBMITTED BY: Carlee Miller  

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Battleships and Bingo 


GRAMMAR: Verb - Past Tense 

EXAMPLE: Did you study English this morning?

DATE ADDED: Mar 23, 2010


10-15 min.
 8 votes: 4-star

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students choose a bingo line and then janken each other to try to 're-bingo'.




  1. After handing out the bingo handout, ask the students to choose a bingo line and marking it on their sheet.
  2. Students go around the room and janken. The winner of the janken gets to ask one of their bingo questions. If the other student also has that square circled, they answer the question: "Yes, I did." If the other student does not have that square circled, they answer the question: "No, I didn't."
  3. If the other student answers "Yes, I did." The janken winner gets to crossout/circle that bingo square and write the student's name.
  4. This goes on until students have re-bingo'ed.


  • You could play this any number of ways, but one suggestion might be to have each student choose four questions from the bingo sheet that they will answer "Yes, I did," to and then have the goal to be to get a bingo from finding yes answers all in a line. (not necessarily the ones the student chose to answer 'yes' to).



  • Before game play started, I had the students repeat after me all of the questions so that they had some practice speaking before the game started.
  • One way to get students to interact with you (the teacher) would be to play along. You can even make it a contest to see who can get bingo before the ALT.
  • If this activity doesn't work for you or you have some suggestions, please post a comment so that this activity can be improved upon. A negative rating without any feedback makes it hard to see where the gaps are. Thanks in advance!


  • I had the students write down the name of the person who gave them a 'yes' answer so they didn't just stand, janken and ask the same person over-and-over.
  • You could also make it harder or last longer by making it so they have to achieve a 2-line bingo.

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