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Do You Have To Study


SUBMITTED BY: Kristin Foxworth   


GRAMMAR: Infinitive Verb (helping verb + bare inf)

EXAMPLE: Do you have to go to the store?

DATE ADDED: Nov 16, 2011


15-25 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students try to get as many cards as possible by asking others what they have to do. 





  1. After being given the card sheet, students cut out the six cards.
  2. Students have to get as many cards as they can in the set time frame, four minutes. Students janken to see who gets to ask the question. The winner gets to ask, "Do you have to ~?" If the loser has the card that matches the question, they must give the winner the card and say, "Yes, I do." If they do not have the card, they say "No, I don't," and do not have to give up a card. There are six actions: Go to the store, speak English at home, study Japanese, make dinner, finish homework, and walk the dog.
  3. At the end of four minutes, the student with the most cards wins.


  • Model the activity with the JTE first and have the students practice saying each sentence. Make sure they understand each action before the game starts.
  • Play the game with them! Students love it when they have the opportunity to kick the teacher's butt at a game. When I played this in my class, I had the winner janken me for a final round.

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