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Do You Like Gokiburi



BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Englipedia's Shinka


GRAMMAR: 'Do' Helping Verb 

EXAMPLE: I do the dishes

DATE ADDED: Jun 13, 2008


35-50 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: 'Gokiburi' means cockroach. Students play Janken to evolve from a cockroach to a human being. This cockroach game is a review for the 'do' helping verb and also practices the 'does' helping verb.




Detailed Explanation:

  1. Check out Englipedia's Shinka game for instruction of how to play the game. There are two worksheets: one focuses on asking the question "do you" and the other one focuses on the usage of the 3rd person helping verb. If you decide to use the sentence worksheet that uses the 3rd person helping verb, then remember to insert names on the worksheet. Using the teachers' names will help the 1st year students remember their teachers' names in English.
  2. Reading practice with students. Make sure students understand and know how to read the sentences/ questions.
  3. Activity: Show students what happens if they win and lose janken. Quick review of the game: everyone starts the game as a cockroach. They will find a partner to exchange the conversation, then they will play janken. The winner evolves into the next animal while the loser stays as the same animal. Then they will find new partners, exchange conversations and play janken. Students who evolve into a human win the game.
  4. Writing: Have students write 10 sentences using the 3rd person perspective + does or doesn't. Check students' sentences and help them understand the usage of does/ doesn't.

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