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Don't Get Yes


SUBMITTED BY: Richard Benoit


GRAMMAR: Present Perfect Verb

EXAMPLE: Have you ever watched Sazae-san?

DATE ADDED: Aug 31, 2010


20 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students ask present perfect questions while hoping not to get three strikes.



  • Don'tGetYes (Richard's Original) worksheet: This worksheet is a scanned image of the original word.
  • Don'tGetYes (Josh Hedlund's Version)


      1. After handing out the worksheet, have the students listen/repeat the questions/answers: "Have you ever...?" "Yes I have / No, I haven't."
      2. Students check three of the boxes on the worksheet. It doesn't have to be their actual experience. For example, if they checked the have you ever "played chess" box, when someone asks them this question they must say, "Yes, I have." If they didn't check the box they must answer, "No, I haven't."
      3. Students make groups, while keeping their page information secret, and then Janken. The Janken winner starts the game by asking the person to his/her left a question of their choice. The dialogue goes something like this:
        • A: Have you ever watched Pirates of the Carribean?
        • B: Yes, I have. (In this case B had previously checked this box so he says, "Yes, I have.")
      4. As the game is called DON'T GET YES, if B answers "Yes, I have." to A's question, A gets a strike. A must then put an X in one of the boxes on the right hand side.
      5. The end result is like a Russian-roulette question game. They ask questions and if they get a "Yes, I have." response they get a strike. They can play up to three strikes then they are bombed and must sit out until their is only one person left standing.

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