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Don't Go Attack


SUBMITTED BY: Joyce P. Le / Ashley Alexander 


EDITED BY: Fiona Steele

GRAMMAR: Imperative 

EXAMPLE: Don't drive fast!

DATE ADDED: Jan 30, 2008


15-30 min.
5 votes: 3.5-star 

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students play the game Attack 25 or Attack 16 and practice using the words ‘Don’t’ and ‘Go’.



  • Don'tGoAttack attachments: 2-3 handouts per group. Joyce's (original) / Ashley's



  1. Have students form teams and give each team 2-3 copies of the handout.
  2. Draw a grid (5x5 or 4x4) on the blackboard and label the horizontal bar 'A~E' and the vertical bar '1~5'. Assign each team a chalk color. If there are limited colors of chalks, use the same color, but assign each team a different shape.
  3. Have one student from each team stand up. The ALT will randomly give an order, e.g. Go to the toilet! The first student to raise his/her hand will answer the question. JTE will determine which student’s hand is up first.
  4. The main rule is: if the picture has an X on it, students must say “Don’t ~” and if the picture doesn’t have an X on it, students must say “Go ~.” So, for the above example, the “go to the toilet” picture has an X on it, so the student's answer should be “Don’t go to the toilet”.
  5. The first team to correctly answer can choose a square to put their colour/shape on. Where, for example, group A answers the question and chooses A4, the ALT will mark the square A4 with group A’s color. The game continues.
  6. The team can conquer another team’s square by surrounding two sides vertically, horizontally or diagonally. For example, if team Red conquers square A4 and C4, they can conquer a different team's color on square B4 so that it also becomes red.
  7. Play until all the squares have been conquered or until class time is over. The team with the most marks on the board wins the game.


  • Go over each action on the handout with students.


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