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Dracula Likes Halloween


SUBMITTED BY: John McIntyre / Tara O'Neil



GRAMMAR: Present Tense Verb, plurals

EXAMPLE: Lisa likes soccer.

DATE ADDED: Sep 02, 2011


40 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: This is a Halloween-themed exercise and bingo game.





  1. Practice pronouncing the six Halloween characters and six present tense verbs from the worksheet.
  2. Students create sentences using one present tense verb from Toolbox #1 and one word or combination of words from Toolbox #2.
  3. Students play bingo by pairing off, writing their partner's name on the bingo sheet, and reading their sentences.
      If their partner has a similar sentence, the partner responds, "Yes." If the sentence does not match, the partner resonds, "No."
    • "Yes" answers are marked with an "O" on the bingo sheet with the corresponding sentence character, and "No" answers are an "X."
    • Three matching sentences ("O"s) in a row is a bingo.
    • Students change partners after reading all their sentences. They must talk to 3 boys and 3 girls
  4. After playing bingo, the AET then rolls the dice to choose a row (1-6). All students in the selected row must stand up and   read a sentence they made for a particular Halloween character (one character per row).


  • Tara's Variation:
    • I set up the Bingo on the 2nd page with the nouns from Word Box 2, instead of Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl. (I reduced it to only 6 nouns)
    • First, students write 6 sentences on the front, using only the words from the word boxes.
    • For bingo, they walk around the classroom and find a friend. They play Janken, and the winner chooses a character. The loser must read their sentence for that character. The winner draws a circle in the box that corresponds to that character and the noun.
    • Easy to explain, and my grade 1 students loved it - they played past the end of class. NOTE: I also changed 2 of the characters to "I" and "You," so students have to think about whether to use an S-verb or not.

If you have an updated worksheet, email it to the site: admin (at) epedia (dot) onmicrosoft (dot) com


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