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English E-mail


 SUBMITTED BY: Andy Webster


 GRAMMAR: NH's Writing+ 2 (book 2)

DATE ADDED: Jul 26, 2010


35-50 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students learn how to write and reply to an English e-mail.





  1. The ALT reads out the different writing options to write an e-mail on the worksheet. The JTE helps to translate any difficult English.
  2. Explain that English speakers usually write informal English when writing e-mails to their friends. Introduce e-mail/text language. Explain that people want to write messages faster so they tend to shorten words and use jargon. For example, the students really like to hear what LOL means. Write on the board "CUL8R" and see if they can guess that it means see you later. Another example expression you could write is, "How R U?"
  3. Then, students practice writing an e-mail but leave the name who they are writing to blank and then sign who it's from with their own name.
  4. Once they have finished writing the e-mail, collect them. Shuffle the emails and redistribute randomly to the students saying to them, "You've got mail!"
  5. The students insert their own name beside "To _______" and write a reply to the sender.
    When the students have finished their reply they personally give the reply to whoever wrote the e-mail to them.


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