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ER-EST Battle Royale


SUBMITTED BY: Brenton Gettmann

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Comparting things


GRAMMAR: Comparative/Superlative

EXAMPLE: Kenshiro is the strongest of all characters.

DATE ADDED: Mar 08, 2011


20-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: This activity is formatted in a familiar tournament style ranking to give students an easy way to compare similar things and decide on a superlative based upon small matches between characters/people.



  • ErEstBattleRoyale attachments: Print the Tournament Sheets front and back. Also, I supplied six categories of cards but the worksheet only calls for give so choose which five you would like to use.



  1. Have students make groups. (Groups of 4 work best for this activity in my opinion)
  2. Do a demonstration with your JTE. (I supplied a pretty good example on the worksheet that you can walk through with the students as you demonstrate)
  3. Each team starts off with one card that has 4 characters/people on it along with an adjective. They start at Round 1 on their worksheet and continue until they have completed all 5 rounds. As a group students must look at their activity card rank the characters/people on it via a tournament ranking system. For example, the example card shown on the worksheet has Atom vs. Kenshiro and Kinnikuman vs. Ippo along with the adjective "strong." So students decide who is stronger between Kenshiro and Atom and write that in the appropriate box (Kenshiro is stronger than Atom.) They then do the following with Kinnikuman and Ippo, (Kinnikuman is stronger than Ippo). That means that Kenshiro and Kinnikuman advance to the next round and students must decide who is stronger between them (Kenshiro is stronger than Kinnikuman). So that means that (Kenshiro is the strongest of the four.)
  4. After students have completed writing for the particular round that they are on, one student comes to the teacher and announces the results of their bouts. They then receive a new card to move onto the next round.
  5. After the game is over, you can ask each group what their choices were for each set of characters or people to find out who the class thinks is the est/most.



  • Students enjoy the ranking of the characters because most of them are relevant and interesting to them. I recommend that you change the pictures to something that is relevant and interesting to your students at the time.
  • Make the activity more of a race environment by having the students horse race with character cards on the board, so they are motivated to do the game.


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