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Famous Futures


SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford 


GRAMMAR: Future Tense Verb

EXAMPLE: I am going to write a letter.

DATE ADDED: Jun 06, 2008 


35-50 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE:Students practice saying and writing about popular people while practicing the future tense. 



  • FamousFutures worksheet: There are three sections to the attachment below: cutouts, worksheet and answers.  If possible, print out the cutouts in color and cut them into their individual squares.  Also, print enough copies of the worksheet for each student.
  • Tape to attach the cutouts to the classroom walls.


  1. As class is starting, as some students to affix the cutouts to the walls with tape.  You might find the students might be more than eager to help because of the characters I chose to use.
  2. This game practices using the correct pronoun and verb of the future tense grammar point so make sure the JTE reviews this grammar point thoroughly.  The variations include:
    • I am going to ~ .
    • You/We/They are going to ~ .
    • He/She is going to ~ .
    Each cutout consists of a famous person and another picture(s) explaining what the famous person is going to do.
  4. Students walk around looking at the cutouts and forming a future tense sentences based upon the characters on the cutouts and their actions: He is going to ride a bike.
  5. Once they have formed a sentence in their heads, they come to the ALT/JTE and say the sentences.  However, each explanation exists of two sentences:  "This is Spiderman," as the student points to the small picture of Spiderman on their worksheet.  "He is going to ride a bike."  If the student says the sentence correctly, the ALT/JTE signs that number and the student goes back out seeking another future tense adventure.
  6. Once they have all 18 numbers signed, they choose 8 sentences they said and write them in the space at the bottom of the worksheet.



  • If you think this activity is too easy for your class, you might add a certain a date to the cutouts: He is going to ride a bike next week.


If you have an updated attachment, email it to the site: admin (at) epedia (dot) onmicrosoft (dot) com


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