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Famous Infinitives


SUBMITTED BY:Sandy Dennis / Roger Parker

EDITED BY:まだ, Siguy

GRAMMAR:Infinitive Verbs (suru tame no)

EXAMPLE:Do you have anything to do?

DATE ADDED:Feb 10, 2009 


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE:Students choose a famous star and, in pairs, ask each other questions to determine which star they have chosen.





    1. After handing out the worksheet, have the students form pairs and secretly choose a star from th worksheet. The stars on the worksheet are: Shun Oguri, Yoshio Kojima, Harry Potter and Godzilla. (Roger Parkers version is Abe Shinzou, Wakabayashi & Kasuga (From the "comedy" group called Odori), Doraemon and Stitch)
    2. After determining which student goes first, they ask each other questions to determine which start their partner chose.  For example, if a student chose Godzilla and was asked, "Do you have anything to drink," the student would respond, "Yes, I do."  Then, it's the other student's turn to ask their partner.
    3. When a student thinks they know who their partner has become, they ask their partner, "Are you ~ ?"
    4. Have the students repeat this activity 2-3 times, possibly changing partners for the second and third rounds.
    5. (Roger Parkers version only) After a few games, finish by writing two sentences.


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