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Famous Travelers


SUBMITTED BY: Roger Parker



GRAMMAR: 'Where' Question  

EXAMPLE: Where is Ichiro from?

DATE ADDED: Apr 06, 2008 


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE:This is a listening activity that links famous people with a country and a form of transportation.





  1. After teaching the questions, "Where are you from," and "How did you get/come here," give out the worksheet.  I normally do the first problem and the students listen carefully.  The students are to listen and connect the people with the flags and the type of transportation.
  2. Then, you and the JTE do a Q & A:
    • Q: Whats your name?
    • A: My name is Ichiro.
    • Q: Where are you from?
    • A: I am from New Zealand. (Note: using alternative countries than the person's real country keeps the students focused on listening.)
    • Q: How did you get here?
    • A: I came by bus.
  3. Then, check the students properly connected the pics on their worksheet by asking them questions: How did Ichiro get here? Where is Ichiro from? etc.



  • This activity could also be used for grade 6 in elementary school.



  • If you do this activity for a small class, maybe you could do all the speaking but suggest getting the better students to do some. 



  • Students haven't learned past tense verbs yet, so you may need to teach them the new verbs' past tenses.

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