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Fast Food Role Play


                                    SUBMITTED BY:Jim Gordon 



                                     GRAMMAR:Noun Plural - Ordering at restaurant / NH's Noun (Plurals)

DATE ADDED:Feb 04, 2011


20 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE:Students do a role play set in a fast food restaurant.



  • FastFoodRolePlay attachments: Includes menus, scripts and food cards. For each group, you will need at least one set of food cards printed and cut out (ideally more than one set), one menu and one script per student.
  • Plenty of toy money: Each student will need some money, ideally something with 2 units like dollars and cents. Englipedia has fake money.



  1. Students make groups and choose someone to be the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper has the small money needed for change. Everyone else has a bank note enough to order a few things (like 5 dollars).
  2. Each non-shopkeeper student goes to the shop keeper in turn and uses the script to buy some food. The shopkeeper should listen to the order, work out the cost and tell the other student and they should exchange the correct money and the correct food cards should be handed over.
  3. When every student has had a turn, put all the food cards and change back. Then a different student plays the part of the shopkeeper and the activity is repeated.



  • You can modify the script provided to use however you deem necessary. The one provided is a simplified version of the dialogue in Total English.



  • If you don't have pretend American money, you can easily make your own, but unless it's for a very small class, that will take a long time. However, you can buy fake money in many 100 yen shops.



  • I wouldn't attempt this with a badly behaved class.


If you have an updated attachment, email it to the site: admin (at) epedia (dot) onmicrosoft (dot) com


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