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Feed The King


SUBMITTED BY:Anonymous / Jim Dunlap


GRAMMAR:NH's Speaking Plus 2 (book 3)  

EXAMPLE: Would you like some pizza?  

DATE ADDED:Jul 19, 2011


10-15 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE:This is a quick and useful game to get students to practice the grammar from the 3rd year New Horizon Speaking Plus 2 Activity.





  1. Review necessary vocabulary and grammar for the worksheet.
  2. Demonstrate the activity with the JTE in front of the class.
  3. Have students choose six things from the menu they want, and six things they do not want. Then, have them write the numbers of the item in the appropriate box on the left side of the worksheet.
  4. Explain the rules clearly to the students:
    • If Student A asks something that is in Student B's "No, thank you" boxes, then Student B goes on to the next student.
    • If Student A asks something that is in Student B's "Yes, please" boxes, then Student B writes that number in one of the boxes on the king's plate.
    • When the student gets all the yes answers on the king's plate, they then go to the teacher to sign off the order in which they completed the activity.
    • If students are asked the same question after already moving that item to the plate, they answer verbally and then go onto the next student. 



  • You could also have Student A sign the other student's paper after a yes or no answer.
  • Jim's Version: No matter how many times I looked at the original attachment, I just couldn't get into it. The whole European 'kings & medieval' stuff just seemed not-quite-right for Japanese JHS students, so I made an identical game, just made it more Japanese. Instead of "Feed the King" I came up with "Feed the Yokozuna." Then, instead of a butler/waiter, I put in a sumo gyoji, and I replaced some of the food items with typical or traditional Japanese food that sumo might eat: chanko nabe, gyoza, dango, tempura, ramen, sushi, beer, etc. You know, high-calorie stuff!


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