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Find Someone Who


SUBMITTED BY: Matt Wheatley / Catherine Burgemeister

EDITED BY:まだ / Siguy

GRAMMAR: Present Perfect Verb / Relative Pronoun 

EXAMPLE: Have you ever been to Kyoto? / Do you like natto?

DATE ADDED: May 17, 2010  


15-20 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students ask each other questions about whether they've been to various locations.





  1. Part 1:
    • Explain the handout. Model it with the JTE.
    • Rules: Students must find 8 DIFFERENT (9 different for pronoun version) students who have been/haven`t been to the places / done the activities on the worksheet. They must only use English.
    • Set a time limit if appropriate.
    • Find a pair and start.
  2. Part 2:
    • Write sentences based on Part 1.


  • Change the places or activities if you can think of better ones.  NOTE: (PP Verb)I tried to think of places that wouldn`t be too impossible for students to find someone who has been there.


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