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Find The Couple


SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford 

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Niigata's Songlines (1992) 


GRAMMAR: Verb - Passive Voice   

EXAMPLE: Patrick is liked by Jennifer Lopez.   

DATE ADDED: Oct 27, 2009 


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: This is a simple activity where students ask each other passive-voiced questions to find out which two students on their worksheets are a couple.



  • FindTheCouple worksheets: Half the class receives Worksheet A, and the other half receive Worksheet C.  The two teachers receive Worksheet B.



  1. The objective is to find out who the two couples are.
  2. After handing out the Worksheets A & C to the class, they mingle, greet, play Janken, and the winners starts by asking their partner, "Is ____ liked by ____?"  Based upon the arrows on their worksheet, the partner responds, "Yes/No, ____ is (not) liked by ____."  If there is no arrow on their worksheet, they reply, "I don't know." Then, they switch question/answer roles. 
  3. Once complete, they find another partner and repeat the process.  However, if a student receives an "I don't know." there next partner must be a teacher.
  4. Once they figure out who the two couples are, they return to their seat, flip their worksheet over and practice writing their passive-voiced responses.
  5. BTW, the two couples are Minako/Osamu and Hiroshi/Tomoko.




  • For higher level classes, have to practice writing more complicated sentences: "Noriko is liked by Tadashi, but Noriko doesn't like Tadashi.  She likes Osamu."



  • To keep 40 students from walking around the classroom, have only the students with Worksheet A stand up and walk around the class.  Worksheet C students must remain seated.



  • Watch that the students don't simply show each other their worksheets instead of forming passive-voiced questions.

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