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TheGreat Superlative Challenge





GRAMMAR: Comparitive/Superlative

EXAMPLE: The sun is hotter than lava.

DATE ADDED: Mar 17, 2009


35-50 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students use their brains to compete to find the most extreme examples of each adjective and then use comparitive forms to defeat the opposing teams.



  • Chalk or printed cards
  • Dictionaries - one for each group
  • Stickers for the winners - optional (If you build up a reputation for having cool stickers you can really get students to do whatever you want with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. You can buy lable paper and print and cut out your own for a fraction of the cost of going to a store and buying the lame little ones.) 



  1. First you want a word list. I use this: bright, cold, fast, hard, long, new, small, big, hot, busy and famous.
  2. After dividing the students into groups, give one dictionary to each group.
  3. Write or use a magnet to stick a word up onto the board. You and the JTE will have to use one of the words to do an example run. For example, "long". Rotate through each group in a clock or counter-clockwise fashion. The JTE will act as each group in the example. The first group says "My pencil is long". Explain that there is a time limit to come up with an answer and count the seconds down for the JTE in each case. The second group must make a comparative sentence that defeats the previous sentence. For example "A snake is longer than your pencil". The JTE goes to the next group and for example "A shinkansen is longer than a snake" Then "Route 1 is longer than a shinkansen" Then "The equator is longer than Route 1" After going through all the groups give anyone a chance to come up with something longer.
  4. When there are no more answers (they will get EXTREME and that's why this is fun), everyone repeats the final sentence with the ALT: "The equator is the longest." and the team who came up with the equator gets a point.
  5. It is very important for you to rotate through the groups to ensure that everyone participates. Students will be in those dictionaries looking for the craziest stuff: lava, liquid nitrogen, etc. If there is a dispute as to which is hotter, for example, "Ryuichi's heart is hotter than the sun," (this has happened and it was funny), put it up for a vote. "Who chooses the sun... hands up! Who chooses Ryuichi's heart... hands up," and award the point according to the vote. In the case of a tie vote you can vote to break the tie.
  6. At the end of the game the group who wins can choose a sticker and you finish the class. Guaranteed 50 minutes gone so fast you won't know what happened to them.



  • If you really want you could make it an individual competition and give everyone dictionaries but I don't suggest it.



  • Have fun. Be sure to teach that the word endings ous, ant, ful, ing, ar, and ed are compared with MORE ie. "MORE interesting" if you use any of those words.



  • Don't let anything that could hurt people's feelings be considered in the contest and don't use any adjectives that can be used to insult people ie fat, ugly, ect. Also opinion adjectives make this game very slow so I avoid them.

If you have an updated worksheet, email it to the site: admin (at) epedia (dot) onmicrosoft (dot) com


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