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EDITED BY: ブリキッド

GRAMMAR: Verb - present tense plurals

EXAMPLE: He/she likes comics.

DATE ADDED: Oct 21, 2014

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


20-40 min.

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OUTLINE: Students write their own self introduction. The teacher shuffles them and hands them out again. Then students read the introductions using he/she and the other students guess who it is.





  1. This was intended for New Horizons Grade 1 Unit 6.
  2. I suggest beginning the class by introducing someone you know... Eg. Your own grandmother.
  3. If this is the first class, make sure the JTE or yourself reviews some of the verbs. such as want, like, play, live, and reminds them that when you use he/she you need to add the s to the end of the verbs.
  4. Then hand out the worksheets.
  5. Have the students fill out the worksheets for themselves. Don't let them take too long. Don't let them show their classmates. We allowed them to write in Katakana if they didn't know how to spell the word in English, or even Japanese, as the point of the activity is to practice the addition of the s to the verbs, not the vocabulary itself. Make sure you and the teacher put your own into the pile.
  6. Take all the worksheets, reshuffle them and hand them out again. 
  7. Have the students change the I to he/she, and add the s'. Both teachers should start to give an example. Then, have them stand up one by one, and read the introduction out loud as if they were introducing their friend. Don't let them read the name at the bottom. As soon as they are finished students can raise their hands to guess who it is. The first to raise their hand can guess by saying Is he/she ~?


  • We did guys against girls, so if a girl answered correctly the girls got a point, if the guys guessed correctly the guys got a point.
  • If they guess wrong don't let them guess again. Immediately move onto the next student. If you have time at the end you can go around again to guess the ones who weren't guessed. (This keeps the activity from becoming stagnant and keeps everything moving along so all the kids have time to read.
  • One of us followed the students around to help them or correct their reading, the other stayed at the front to keep score and check who raised their hand first. This kept things going fast and snappy.
  • When my JTE suggested this activity and asked me to make the worksheet, at first I thought it would be boring having the students go one by one like that, but all the kids were on the edge of their seats, listening hard to understand and trying to guess. It would appear they were especially interested because it was about their classmates. So I was impressed with how well it went.
  • Once the name is guessed have the students return the worksheet to the original author.

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