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Go: JHS GrammarDo You Know the Monster?

SUBMITTED BY: Alyssa Godfrey

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: similar activites


GRAMMAR: Verb, Present tense plural

EXAMPLE: The monster lives in America.

DATE ADDED: April 2, 2014

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


20 min.

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OUTLINE: Students tell each other about different monsters while trying to match all the characters on their sheet.





  1. Hand out the worksheet and character cards to the students at random.  One card per student.
  2. Choose a character card for your demonstration and show the students how to match their own monster on the worksheet to the correct letter using the hints.  
  3. When students are finished finding their own character, they will get up and find a partner. 
  4. Student 1 will ask student 2, 'Do you know the monster?'.  If student 2's character card is the monster, they will respond with, 'Yes, I do. He lives in America.' or one of the other two hints from the card.  If student 2's character card is not a monster, they will respond with, 'I'm sorry.  I don't know.'  One hint per question only. 
  5. After student 2 answers, they will then ask student 1 a similar question. 
  6. After the partners have asked one question each, they find new partners and repeat.
  7. When all students have completed the matching, the game is over. 



  • It is good to reward the first 5 or 10 students to finish in order to keep them competitive.  
  • There are two ways to have the students answer, 'Do you know~?': from the character card only, or from any information they have learned previously.



  • Be sure to demonstrate the activity visually before you begin.  Enlarged copies of the worksheet are helpful. But also make sure that your demonstration worksheet doesn't contain real answers. 
  • Rewards can be anything from praise to stickers to points.  Be creative. 



  • One answer per question.  One question per partner. 

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