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Hands of Who


SUBMITTED BY: Karmen Hvalec



GRAMMAR: Pronoun

EXAMPLE:  I like English, but I don't like math. Who am I?

DATE ADDED: July 8, 2009


35-50 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students draw, cut out and color their hands on piece of paper. Finally, they write three about themselves.



  • Colour paper (best size A5), color pens, glue, scissors and poster sheet



  1. Place the poster sheet on the blackboard.
  2. Tell students they are going to make “Who am I?” poster.
  3. Give them an example and write it on the blackboard
  4. The JTE points out the grammer point if necessary.
  5. Ask students to open their notebooks and write 3 sentences about themselves using verbs such as, like, play, study, swim, run, subjects and other vocabulary they know.
  6. Everyone can write at least 3 sentences, but encourage them to write more if they can.
  7. Once students have finished writing in their notebook, the teachers check for grammatical mistakes or unknown words they have written in Japanese.
  8. Once finished writing the sentences, the student then can choose one color paper and start working on the paper hand project. The steps are as follows:
    • Trace out the left hand on the color paper.
    • Cut it out.
    • Write the sentences on the hand.
    • Add original design and colors.
    • Glue it on the poster.
  9. When all the students have placed their paper hands on the poster, call on some students to come up and read one quiz for students to try and guess who`s hand is that.
  10. After the class find appropriate place within the school (not the classroom) for everyone to see and enjoy it.



  • Other topics include:
    • My Spring Vacation: For grade 2 students to practice the Future Tense right before they go on their spring vacation.
    • My winter Vacation: For grade 1-2 students to practice Past Tense upon returning from their winter vacation.



  • Poster sheet is available at any school that has a poster printing machine. Just cut it off the roll paper.
  • To get more time out of your class, it`s best to go to the classroom a bit early, place the poster on the blackboard and write your example.
  • It`s good to play some music once they start working on their paper hand project.
  • Teachers should also design their own paper hand. If you show interest in what you teach, students will approach it with more enthusiasm. Also, try to add some sort of design for the poster to make it more colorful.
  • You might have noticed that I had the students cut out their LEFT hands. The reason for it is that the left hand is on your heart side and makes it more personal. This might be worth mentioning to the students once the project is finished.
  • I would recommend doing this project only once a year.




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