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Hands Up


SUBMITTED BY: Karmen Hvalec



GRAMMAR: Pronoun

EXAMPLE: She is a girl.

DATE ADDED: June 29, 2008


35-50 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students play Karuta while practicing pronouns.



  • HandsUp  handouts: There are three - cards, sentences and table. For the cards and sentences, try to laminate if possible. As for the table, print out and blow up to the biggest size possible.



    1. Place the 'Table' on the blackboard and first have the students practice repeating the pronouns after you.
    2. Then, move on to Karuta game and distribute one set of 'Cards' to
      each group.
    3. While the students are playing Karuta, have them place their hands on their head.
    4. Once the students become comfortable with pronouns, have them play with the 'Sentence Cards'.



  • It works best to have the group of four students playing Karuta use one desk. This gives every student equal access to all cards.
  • When you practice pronunciation try to use musical rhythm, whichever rhythm suits your style is good and as long as it is catchy to the ear, and have student repeat after you. Clap hands! Make your students move a bit!
  • Make it more fun by saying it faster and faster. You can also have a row competition as in “which row can say all the pronouns the fastest.” etc.
  • Both sets of cards can be used as a warm up game for 2nd and 3rd grade.



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