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Have You Ever Bingo


SUBMITTED BY: Luke Highstead / Sandy Dennis / Raegina Taylor Raymond Corrigan



GRAMMAR: Present Perfect Verb

EXAMPLE:I have lived in Japan for five years.

DATE ADDED: Sept 17, 2007


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students go around the room asking other students various questions using “Have you ever…?” If a student answers “Yes, I have…” then (s)he signs their name on the worksheet.



  • HaveYouEverBingo worksheet: There are five options: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 (One per student).



  1. This Bingo worksheet can be used one of two ways:
    • First, students guess whether or not the ALT has ever done the things on the worksheet and place a circle or cross within each box accordingly. Then the students take turns in asking the ALT questions; e.g. “Have you ever seen a panda?” If they guessed correctly they can mark off the box on their bingo sheet.
    • The students have to ask each other questions. First, they play Janken. Winner asks a question. If the other student answers “Yes, I have”, the student asking the question can mark off the box on their bingo sheet. Students must get as many ‘bingos’ as possible within a certain time limit.
  2. (For option Worksheet 03) Review the three different grammar points.
    • “Have you...? of experience - I have played soccer two times.
    • “Have you...? over a period of time - I have played soccer for two years, or I have played soccer since 2006.
    • “Have you...? of already or just - I have already played soccer, or I have just played soccer.
    • Students go around the room asking other students various questions using “Have you ever…?” If a student answers “Yes, I have…” then he or she signs their name on the worksheet. At the end of the game, ask the students how many signatures they received. The student with the most signatures is the winner. (Ideally all the students will have gotten all nine signatures.)



  • Survey Variation: (To be used with Worksheet 05)
    • This is a variation for low-level classes only. It is best used to prepare students for the main game.
    • On the bingo worksheet, students choose and write numbers from 0 to the number of students in the class. e.g. 0-20 for a class of 20 students.
    • Ask students a `Have you ever...?` question.
      Students who have done the thing asked, raise their hand and say, "Yes, I have."
    • Count the number of students who have and that number becomes the bingo number. If you get the same number twice, have the other students say "No, I haven't." and use those students for the bingo number.
    • Finally, if you think some of your students are capable, have volunteers form questions.


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