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Health Pyramid


SUBMITTED BY: Ben Roche / Jeridel Banks

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: It just came to me!


GRAMMAR: Polite Language

EXAMPLE: Would you like something to drink?

DATE ADDED: June 25, 2010


10-15 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students ask each other questions from the worksheet to find their partner's health level.



  • HealthPyramid attachment: There are three variations to choose from: Original, Pokemon or Superheroes.



  1. After dividing the class into pairs, give each pair a handout.
  2. Starting at the top of the pyramid, Student A asks Student B a question, and, as determined by Student B's answer, follows the arrow to the next question.
  3. Continue down the pyramid in this fashion.
  4. At the bottom level of the pyramid, Student A must think of an original question to ask Student B.
  5. After determining Student B's health level, students switch roles.



  • You could introduce the idea of health before starting this activity. I did a writing relay activity (teams race to write things on the board, using chalk as a baton), with some teams assigned to writing healthy things, and other teams writing unhealthy things.



  • I created this print for New Crown 3, page 17 talking point "Would you like something to drink?"
  • For the Pokemon and Superheroes versions:
    • Ask the students how healthy they are by going down the list. "Who is 'Super Healthy'? Ok, great, you're a Mewtwo." Pokemon in the worksheet from left to right: Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Pikachu, Slakoth, Snorlax, and a Pokeball.
      Superheroes from left to right: Fuji (Japanese superhero from Image Comics), John Stewart Green Lantern (black superhero from DC Comics), Spider-man (student superhero from Marvel Comics), Iron Man (genius with a missing heart superhero from Marvel Comics), Wolverine (Canadian superhero from Marvel Comics), and a skeleton (from death).


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