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Horoscope Review





GRAMMAR: Review (grade 1)

DATE ADDED:Feb 17, 2008


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students review first year grammar points by playing Janken and finding their horoscopes. This activity is mainly created for students to practice speaking, so therefore writing their answers in complete sentences is good but not necessary.




  1. Give each student a copy of the horoscope worksheet. If necessary, give students 5-10minutes to write out their answers to each question. The answers should be simple and easy. Tell students to refer to the parentheses for hints. For example, if the parentheses says “month” in Japanese, then their answer to that question can just be any month. If it says “number” in Japanese, then their answer to that question can just be any number.
  2. Practice reading each question with students to ensure understanding and proper pronunciation.
  3. With the JTE and the blow-up worksheet on the board, show students how to play the game. The ALT will start first. ALT asks, “When can you see fireworks in Japan?” JTE will say, “in July” or “in August.” Then, JTE will ask “When can you see fireworks in Japan?” and ALT will answer. Note that everyone will start with this question... “When can you see fireworks in Japan?”
  4. Then ALT and JTE will play janken. The next question to be asked depends on whether you win or lose the janken. The winner will follow the “white” arrow and ask that next question to another person. The loser will follow the “black” arrow and ask that question to another person.
  5. The game ends when students reach the end and find their horoscope. They will either be type A or type B. Then have students practice reading their horoscopes.



  • Make sure your students know all the grammar points in the 1st year's textbook
  • Blow up a horoscope worksheet and use that as an example to show students how to play.

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