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How Can I Get There?  

SUBMITTED BY: Jay Duxfield


GRAMMAR: Directions

EXAMPLE: I want to go to the park. How can I get there?

DATE ADDED: Nov 01, 2011


40+ min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students listen to intructions and find locations on a map. This is followed by the creation of a script based on the listening activity which the students then role play



  • HowCanIGetThere attachments: Includes a map (1 per student), role play worksheet (1 per pair) and a listening script.



  1. The ALT or JTE read the dialogues and the students draw the building on the map with a line connecting to the correct station.
  2. Check the answers.
  3. Give students the roleplay worksheet and give them 5 minutes to complete it.
  4. Give students 5 minutes to practice reading the script while teachers moniter pronunciation.
  5. Students perform.



  • This activity can be spread over 2 lessons with the listening activity done one day and the role playing the next.
  • If your class is too big for everyone to perform hold a lottery. Draw numbers from a box. The person whose number is drawn must perform with their partner. Adds a bit of excitement to the activity.

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