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How Many Drawing


SUBMITTED BY: Raegina Taylor  / Mark Best

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Akemi Wellington-Oguri


GRAMMAR: Noun - Plurals, Question - 'How many...'

EXAMPLE: How many genies do you have?

DATE ADDED: Sep 18, 2007


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students practice the grammar using a race game activity.





  1. ALT gives students a noun, for example ‘cats’. Students have 60 seconds to draw as many cats as possible on their paper. Be very strict about time, as racing to draw is what makes the game interesting.
  2. When time is up, students count their cats and write ‘I have __ cats. How many cats do you have?’. They swap papers with the student next to them, write the answer, and then switch papers back again.



    Have students speak the question instead of writing it, and then recording the response.

    Do half the activity as writing and half as speaking.


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