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How to Get to...  




GRAMMAR: NH's Speak+ 3-3

EXAMPLE: Could you tell me how to get to City Hall?

DATE ADDED:  Sep 28, 2010


40 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students work in pairs and ask/answer questions to various destinations.



  • HowToGetTo  worksheet
  • Nagoya (or other city) subway map (not included): Attach the map onto the back of the worksheet



  1. Practice reading the dialogue in the textbook pertaining to train directions. Also, cover other expressions contained in the textbook toolbox.
  2. Explain and translate the contents in the Toolbox (i.e. Destination, Line, Station and Fare) on the first page of the worksheet.
  3. Review the map contents on the reverse side of the first page of the worksheet. Identify the train station closest to your school and the names and locations of the various subway lines.
  4. ALT/JTE give a demonstration asking and giving directions using the example on the first page of the worksheet.
  5. Students work in pairs to figure out the correct directions to four different destinations. Once students figure out the directions, they should practice asking and giving the directions for each of the four destinations.
    6. Then, choose two different students for each destination (1-4) to ask (A) and give (B) directions to the particular destination.
  6. If time remains, the JTE can ask the class for directions for various locations in Nagoya.

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