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How To Gucha


SUBMITTED BY: Sandy Dennis

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: A little to little time


GRAMMAR: Noun Clause - used as direct objects

EXAMPLE:  I know how to speak Japanese. (Much good it does me.)

DATE ADDED: July 2, 2009


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students interview each other using "Do you know how to...?" Then, the students correct sentences using "I know how to..." so the sentences are grammatically correct.





  1. After handing out the worksheet, have the students write their name, and their partner's name in English at the top of the boxed area.
  2. The students form pairs and interview each other using "Do you know how to...?" questions. For example, "Do you know how to speak English?"
  3. For every YES answer, the students mark a "O" on the worksheet, and every NO answer, the students mark an "X".
  4. When the interview is finished, the students move onto Part 2 of the worksheet. Students look at the five sentences. For each sentence, the student chooses whether or not it is grammatically correct. For a correct sentence, the student circles O; for an incorrect sentence, they circle X.
  5. At the end, check the answers. For all gramatically incorrect sentences, the students should rewrite the sentence at the bottom of the worksheet. BTW, there are two incorrect sentences. If students finish early, have them write an original sentence on the last line of the worksheet.


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