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How to Interview


SUBMITTED BY: Raegina Taylor



GRAMMAR: Noun Clause - used as a direct object

EXAMPLE:  I know how to use a fan.

DATE ADDED: Sept 18, 2007


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students work at completing their interview sheet, and also working on evaluating their own learning.





  1. Students pair up with the student next to them first column of the interview.
  2. The two students play Janken and the winner starts by asking their partner the entire column of questions. Have the student being asked the questions to turn over their worksheet so they can concentrate on listening to the questions instead of reading their own worksheet.
  3. Have the students switch roles and repeat the process.
  4. When they have finished, have them switch partners and complete the second column.
  5. When the second column is finished, have the students write four sentences about the interviews with their friends.



  • Make it into a competition by students completing in a time limit. Maybe use a song limit, one or two songs to finish the activity, thus adding also a fun cultural element.
  • Students have to provide more information with their responses, "Yes, I do. I do know how to play baseball. Have the students take a memo of the responses on the back of their interview sheet. This builds communication skills.



  • Students hate talking to students of the opposite gender, but if you start off with it as the first partnership, it is easier to achieve.
  • Students just circle answers, or use Japanese instead of English. At the end of the lesson, get the last partner ships to perform couple of questions each.
  • With ijime (bullying) becoming and issue in Japan, mainly social-type (excluding students form activities) make the second partnership a choosing of yours, also. Maybe get students to talk to the person of the same gender sitting closest to them.

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