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Go: JHS GrammarHow To Make Origami


BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Someone on Englipedia


GRAMMAR: Noun Clause - used as direct objects

EXAMPLE: Do you know how to make origami?

DATE ADDED: Nov. 2, 2012

ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)


20-30 min.

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OUTLINE: An interview activity where students find out what their friends know how to do. 





  1. First I give them several minutes to fill in the box at the top. These consist of (verbs that will be used in the activity) by themselves. Then we'll go over the answers together.
  2. Next I have them write sentences about themselves on the given topics i.e. draw Doraemon, etc.--maybe give them about 5+ minutes to do that.  Then we go over those together as well. I usually pick a row or random students to say what they wrote.
  3. After that we'll look at the right side of the worksheet and I explain how to do the interview game. I might use the JTE here or if (s)he's not available I would just play the part of two people. Then practice with the students several times to make sure they know how to ask the question as well as answer it.
  4. For the interview they should takes memos of their partner's name, the [how to] question asked, and the answer [yes or no]. They can choose from the box on the right or ask their own questions.
    The interview game itself could go on until they all ask 8 people, or you can just end it early if you don't have enough time.
  5. After the interview is over, make them write about their friends! I usually take part in the interview game, so here I would use my own filled in worksheet to give some examples.


  • I usually teach this activity after the JTE has already gone over the grammar. It's used to reenforce what they've learned about the [know how to...] grammar point in several ways.



 Don't forget to write in names for the AET or JTE example sentences for the last writing exercise on page 2 before printing.



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