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How's the Weather? 

SUBMITTED BY: Richard Fleming / Mike Riedinger /Sara Williams

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Free time in the afternoon


GRAMMAR: Demonstrative Pronoun (it) / Question (How is...)

EXAMPLE: How's the weather in London? It is cloudy.

DATE ADDED: Jul 24, 2009


15-30 min.
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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students learn weather vocabulary and then interview each other in this information gap activity.



  • HowsTheWeather attachments: Mike'sRichard's / Sara's (information gap). The worksheet contains parts 1 & 2 for each student. NOTE: You should check the number of students in the class and make sure half receive 'A' sheets and half 'B' sheets.



  1. Give students time to try to figure out the answers for part 1. Check the answers as a group, practicing pronounciation of new words. Repeat proceedure for part 2.
  2. Part 3 requires students to make pairs (one with A sheet and one with B).
  3. Practice the target sentence: How's the weather in...
  4. Help students make the link between temperature and the description in English. e.g. It's sunny and hot (intead of just saying "it's sunny" or "it's hot".



  • Use your own country of origin instead of the UK.
  • Change the target grammar to future tense: "How will the weather be in <London> tomorrow?"



  • I think this is possibly the most boring activity I have ever made. Saying that, I haven't made that many activities. I suggest you encourage them with bribes of prizes or threats of violence. The usual.



  • Be ready for a few days of mind numbing weather conversations.

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