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Go: JHS GrammarI Am Mr. Tornado

SUBMITTED BY: Katie Danner



GRAMMAR: be verb 'am' 'are'

EXAMPLE: I am Superman.

DATE ADDED: Jul 10, 2013

Large Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


30 min.

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OUTLINE: A fast-paced game that gets students cooperatively writing and saying aloud sentences using the "be"-verb. They build houses instead of earning points, and pulling the Tornado card blows down (erases) all their houses! 



  • IAmMrTornado attachment
  • whiteboards or blackboard
  • dry erase markers and erasers
  • A4-sized demonstration cards
  • a 6-sided die


  1. Divide the class into groups of 3-5 students. Have them clear their desks.
  2. One student from each group comes forward to collect a whiteboard, marker, and eraser.
  3. Demonstrate: The JTE is the teacher, and the ALT is a student.
  4. ALT: New card, please!
    JTE: (hands ALT a large demo card) Here you are.
    ALT: (Show the card to the class) Let's write a sentence...(ex. the first card has "I" and a picture of Superman) What should I write?
    Students: I am Superman!
    ALT: (write "I am Superman." on the whiteboard) Okay, let's check with the teacher. Hi, Teacher! "I am
    Superman." Is it okay?
    JTE: It's okay! Good job! Here you are. (Trade "Superman" card for a new card.)
    ALT: Yay! It's okay! Now, roll the dice...I got 6. Draw 6 points on the blackboard like this--

    (draw a 6-lined house)


    ALT: What is it?

    Students: It's a house.
    ALT: Okay, and go back to your team. Let's write a new sentence...

  5. Demonstrate each type of card--I am..., You are..., I am/You are not..., and Are you...? Then demonstrate the
    Tornado card...erase all the houses from your team's scoreboard!!
  6. Assign team numbers and draw a scoreboard on the blackboard. In their teams, students decide their play order.
  7. Ask the Number 1s to come forward and get their first card...then START!
  8. Students can run up to either the JTE or ALT to get their sentences checked. It gets a little chaotic because there is no group order to get checked, they pace themselves, but the students were really engaged and having fun!
  9. Note: When the students read their sentence aloud to either the JTE or ALT and receive an "OK", they roll the dice themselves and are on their honor to draw their own points on the board. They also erase their houses on their own when they pull the Mr. Tornado card.



  • If you roll a "1", that is also a Tornado!
  • If you don't have whiteboards, teams can also write their sentences on a scrap A3 sheet to show the teacher and keep their houses they've drawn on the blackboard.


  • Before playing the game, review the "be"-verb. The attached cards are only for the pronouns "I" and "You" (Total English 1, Lesson 3A-C). We introduced the topic of school clubs in the first 20 minutes of class, even though it comes up in the next chapter of Total English 1. If you aren't teaching "I'm in the ~ club" yet, it can easily be adapted to "I am a ~ fan" or "I am a ~ player".
  • It generally took 10 minutes to set up and explain the game, and then 20 minutes to play. The ichi-nensei were so engaged and energetic through the whole thing! My ichi-nensei teachers were impressed by how much talking and writing the students did.


  • You can pause the game between each round for less chaos.

If you have an updated attachment, email it to the site: admin (at) jhsenglipediaproject (dot) com


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